04 12 2021
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Public Finance

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At FUBA Offshore Bank, we focus on new services to municipalities with the strength that we gain from DXCC creating, world giant in public project finance. Thanks to our solution partnership agreements with IT companies that support local communities, we are on the communities with our quick fixes page.

Our goal is to act as an intermediary with respect to taxes and water utility bill collections of communities and serve as a bridge between the community and the citizens and as part of the completion of all financial transactions related to citizen services in a fast, reliable, practical and modern Way. While there can be contracted payments community at all FUBA offshore bank branches carried out, they can also be realized in the European Internet industry and our designated call center.

Taxpayers wishing to benefit from real estate and environmental cleaning tax claim, charges, fees, etc. payments in our stores need to create only one of the police clearance, International Passport or community identification number and the tax type, or to pay the installments number electricity bill collection.

Advantages of the municipalities, the implementation of collections through our bank channels:

Fast and quality services for citizens, citizen satisfaction through a payment channel other than municipal money counter,

Immediate transfer of bank account movements, with the support of the accounting infrastructure and less operational workload,

On-line transactions, which can also make payments on previous debts of taxpayers,

Regular cash flow by realizing collections in due course

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