04 12 2021
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Personal Investments

personal investment

Reliable banking services at fair conditions means:
Maintaining everything in the right proportion: avoid high risks associated with products and services - in the interest of the customer and FUBA offshore bank

Benefits for both partners: charge moderate fees and charges for services and products. Targeted are adequate margins for the bank and acceptable prices for customers.

Fair partnership with customers means:
Warning: to customers, their needs and concerns seriously.

Transparency: Explain the services and products to customers to understand so that they can understand and make decisions on their own responsibility.

Accountability: anytime act clearly and comprehensively, so that customers know what they can and can not expect.

Fair interaction with society and the environment means:

Economic responsibility: to offer attractive jobs and meet Apprenticeships and corporate responsibility in society.

Efficient resource: permanent, to reduce resource consumption and to do so the burden on the environment.

Cultural and social contributions: under sponsorship and awards, contribute to cultural and social life.

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